Johannes Leonardo

tune in and
be moved

Making classical music relevant to a younger audience.

Make it part of their everyday experience.

When WNYC, the nation’s largest public radio station, sought to re-launch classical music it faced two challenges: attracting new, younger listeners for the long-term health of the station, and migrating existing listeners to a new dial position.

Can a banner ad bring value to the publication it’s on? Can classical music improve the reading experience?

Marked by the debut of interactive, streaming music players embedded in banner space on the New York Times website, the “Tune In and Be Moved” campaign created an immersive classical music experience for readers with curated classical music suited for each of seven digital newspaper sections. Within each player, readers could pick the movement best suited for the specific article they are reading.

The campaign helped to migrate over 90% of current listeners to a new frequency and grew the audience by over 20%.