Johannes Leonardo

Pangea Day

Could one idea galvanize all nations?

Turning local citizens into global evangelists.

Pangea Day is the culmination of a worldwide initiative whose mission is peace through mutual understanding.


Documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaime, creator of the Control Room, conceived of Pangea Day: an international day of film aimed at inspiring peace throughout the world. TED tasked us with creating awareness and driving registration for the inaugural Pangea Day. In order for people to register for the four-hour Pangea Day event they needed to be deeply moved. We re-imagined the emotional power of patriotism and found a way to use national identity as a force for opening minds rather than closing them. We asked the national choirs of countries across continents to sing another country’s national anthem.

Through the evocative use of national anthems local citizens were transformed into global citizens.

Tank Film

France Sings USA

The films were the most commented-on films on YouTube the month prior to launch.