Johannes Leonardo


Arming Google Map enthusiasts around the world to spread some exciting news.

The world was lost without their favorite map on IOS. So when the highly sought-after Google Maps app was ready to be re-introduced to IPhone users worldwide, something had to be created to fuel the anticipation.

With the release was imminent the product was left to do the talking. The world’s best map, almost every street, park and bus line in the world, would soon be available once more and then downloadable to your phone within seconds. The hype was leveraged with this clean, simple, global film that heroed the images within the app itself. The iconic blue ‘loading bar’ fueled the excitement, while images sourced entirely from content on Google Maps cycled through the background.

On the day of the big launch, banners went live on popular websites and in select phone apps announcing the long-awaited arrival of Google Maps for iPhone.

Less than 48 hours after launch, the app had over 10 million downloads and was ranked #1 free app in the App Store.