Johannes Leonardo

Your future is not my future.

in 2016, adidas originals challenges the dystopian view of the future.

As a brand defined by its own creative courage, and by its unique point of view on creating the future by re-inventing the past, adidas Originals is inspiring a new generation not to follow, but to challenge the status quo of the future itself.

adidas Originals challenges the dystopian view of the future.

adidas Originals challenges the dystopian view of the future.

Last year we began a master narrative for adidas Originals. We used the iconic three serrated stripes to strike through hot topics in popular culture, questioning social norms and status quos. It started last year with challenging the notion of what it means to be a superstar. This year, we upped the ante- the next bold chapter in Original’s growing legacy.

For 2016, adidas Originals returned to their vast archive of iconic shoe designs and found inspiration by stealing from their own history. They created their future from their past. 

So we introduced a new dimension to their brand philosophy: the future. Then we challenged the very notion of it.

Our 2016 campaign built off concepts we introduced in 2015 for superstar. The three Originals serrated stripes, which we used in 2015 to challenge the perception of superstar, now strike through the word ‘future’. Before, we begged the question- can you measure a superstar by ‘likes’ and ‘views’, or is a superstar something that comes from within? Now, we ask- is the future something that’s put on you by others’ expectations, or something you create for yourself?

But we didn’t just want to talk about the future. Ultimately, for Originals, the best way to predict the future is to create it. 

To launch the campaign, we had adidas Originals partner with some of tomorrow’s most exciting cultural creators, who steal, bend and manipulate the collective memory to craft new ideas and to create their own future.

Those eight influencers were portrayed by world renowned photographers Pieter Hugo, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, and Tyrone Lebon, as well as seen in a short film by Terence Neale, all artists themselves, who made their living challenging the status quo of their medium.

In the images we captured, a generation of creators is portrayed as their most authentic selves, at times literally walking towards their future looking back at the audience, inviting us along for the journey.

In the short film, we captured the influencers confidently marching together toward an optimistic tomorrow, dismissing hurdles of the negative future they nearly inherited. They walk to the beat of a chant that defiantly says “your future is not mine”.

Each member of this new community is challenging the idea of the future through their craft and creativity. Between Luka Sabbat’s self-driven stance on style, Ikwa’s polymathic skill set, and Design Butler’s irreverent transformation of personal influences, the message each one of them communicates is clear: your future is yours to create.