Johannes Leonardo

Craft Your Character

Our character lived in the stories of our drinkers.

The search for stories as rich and deep as
our crafted Belgium beer.

Anheuser-Busch was introducing Leffe to the U.S for the first time in its long illustrious history.

A story can define you. Your personality. Your character. The campaign aimed to solicit consumers’ most amazing stories told with candor, honesty, complexity and surprising notes – just like a glass of Leffe beer..

It all started with a search for the perfect cast of characters - ‘Men of Character’. Combing the web, blogosphere, New York City streets and local watering holes for the most authentic characters and stories around to spread our brand values.

At and in bars throughout the city, visitors and patrons were invited to sign up for a casting session and an opportunity to share their stories. The casting sessions become the campaign, as beer drinkers shared stories that have crafted their characters. Leffe then launch a series of YouTube videos highlighting men sharing their own stories over a mug of Leffe in New York.

By unveiling some of the richest characters in New York City a campaign was born - a grassroots initiative, supported by OOH, social and digital media.

During the “Craft Your Character” advertising period, Leffe U.S. sales were up 47%.