Johannes Leonardo


New York City FC

support your city

New york city football club taps into the grit of the city to unite all new yorkers with its 'support your city' campaign.

It's not every day the most iconic city in the world wakes up to a new football club. One with not just players, but with legends like Pirlo, Villa and Lampard.

But how do you tell millions of New Yorkers, with hundreds of different cultures, this is the team they should start supporting? How do you build a fan base from scratch for a sport that's not particularly popular in the USA?

By uniting them with the one thing that represents them all. Their love for the city they live in. That's how #SupportYourCity was born.

For the first time ever, the five boroughs of New York have a team that captures what it really means to live in the world's greatest and most demanding city. Because for New York City FC, it doesn't matter if you're a chef, paramedic, bussinessperson or any type of New Yorker - here #WeAreOne.

'Along These Lines' is a short film that was created to rally all New Yorkers to get behind a soccer team by interpreting the city as we've never seen before, particularly for a football club. Using its myriad of subway lines that link 8 million inhabitants, the piece drives home a message to Support Your City by turning up to Yankee Stadium for New York City FC match day.

In addition to the short film, the campaign is also being bolstered by digital banners, social assets, OOH and radio executions as New York City FC continues in its second-ever season.

And to build on the special relationship the club has with its fans, we created a very special new kit release. One that gives the fans more importance than the media. Instead of presenting the kit at a press event, we did something completely different. Following our motto #WeAreOne, we took our new kit directly to the community. We filmed three star players - Andrea Pirlo, David Villa and Kwadwo Poku - surprising season ticket holders by visiting them in their daily lives, bringing them a first look at the jersey.

By doing something special for four real supporters, we were able to spread the word of the new kit across the globe. The film started being shared socially by fans until it found its way into the mainstream media, getting featured on news sites from New York to London.