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<p>up your game</p>

up your game

Box scores and highlights are only part of today's game. The whole world around it has exploded to make it more entertaining, from sneakers to controversies to memes. And fans are no longer just passive spectators, Bleacher Report inspires them to engage and influence the game 24 hours a day from their fingertips.



When something is pushed far enough, it becomes original again. The brand that has re-interpreted its own classics -- from the Superstar, Stan Smith, EQT and the NMD -- to become the world's most successful sneaker brand, is now inspiring creative people the world over to release the shackles and do the same.

<p>LIve Mutual&nbsp;</p>

LIve Mutual 

MassMutual sets out to change the perception of reliance from a negative to a symbol of maturity and a life lived fully.



Sonnet is setting out to change the way people buy insurance, feel about their insurance company, and protect life's precious moments.



New York City Football Club taps into the grit of the city to unite all New Yorkers with its 'Support Your City' campaign.

<p>the last encore</p>

the last encore

It is in its past that ADIDAS ORIGINALS finds the courage and inspiration to create its future. For the launch of NMD, its archive-inspired sneaker for the urban explorer, the brand returned to a dead music venue, the legendary TUNNEL, and resurrected it for one final act.

<p>Gazelle launch</p>

Gazelle launch

ADIDAS ORIGINALS has always looked back to find its way forward. For the return of GAZELLE, a sneaker which has been taken from style tribe to style tribe, chasing its meaning in culture with every exchange, the brand returned to an iconic '90s photo of Kate Moss - and threw out the rules of ownership.



Be there in the moments that matter most to consumers.

<p>Your future is not my future.</p>

Your future is not my future.

As a brand defined by its own creative courage, and by its unique point of view on creating the future by re-inventing the past, adidas Originals is inspiring a new generation not to follow, but to challenge the status quo of the future itself.

<p>Become a Brain Builder</p>

Become a Brain Builder

Empowering parents to transform everyday moments into brain building moments.



If you had an incredible TV service just waiting inside your PlayStation®, you’d use it, wouldn’t you?



To re-launch the iconic adidas Superstar shoe and re-establish its cultural relevance, we dared to question what it means to be a superstar in today’s world.

<p><span style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px;">LEARN TO BOOK</span></p>


The TripAdvisor you've always trusted for reviews, now lets you book your hotel for the best price.





New York City FC is a new club that stands by the motto #WeAreOne, so we decided to reveal our new kit directly to passionate supporters of the Club.

<p><span style="line-height: 20.8px;">THE REFRESHING HABIT&nbsp;</span></p>


Trident’s new campaign emphasizes how chewing regularly helps keep your mind “in the zone”.





Despite years of technological innovation, display ads were still perceived as a derivative medium, seen as creatively limiting and used to disrupt more than they were to connect, engage, or entertain. Getting the industry’s attention was one challenge, getting the industry to reassess the potential of the medium was another entirely.

<p>DON&rsquo;T JUST VISIT</p>


The world’s largest travel site didn’t have the world’s largest recognition. To fix that, we had to change people’s travel planning behavior by making TripAdvisor a destination in its own right.

<p>THE CHEW LIFE&nbsp;</p>


Gum sales were down across the globe and Trident needed something different to reignite category growth. Introducing "The Chew Life."

<p>Demo Slam</p>

Demo Slam

When people thought Google, they thought Search. However, Google was constantly innovating, constantly bringing exciting new technologies to the world. The problem was people didn’t know about these advances, and even if they did, they didn’t understand the role this technology could play.

<p>Choose Love Over Like</p>

Choose Love Over Like

Have we forgotten like is not love? Diet Coke reminds us there is a life we love waiting for us, and that it all starts from choosing love in the little things.

<p>Obey You</p>

Obey You

Sprite exists for one thing - to quench thirst. Nothing more, nothing less. How could the product be true to itself while also finding a way to connect to teens?

<p class="p1">WHAT CAN YOUR<br />


Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most powerful brands, stands for happiness. It wanted to put its influence to good use and have a positive impact on the world.



Simple stories were told, while encouraging a new search behavior at the same time.



The world was lost without their favorite map on iOS. So when the highly sought-after Google Maps app was ready to be re-introduced to iPhone users worldwide, something had to be created to fuel the anticipation.

<p>Ask Your Feet</p>

Ask Your Feet

The soccer world was reeling from a flurry of famous players who were injured and forced to sit out of important tournaments. Were the lightness of their football boots to blame? Was style being favoured over comfort, safety and performance?

<p>Messages For Japan</p>

Messages For Japan

Turning Google Translate into a platform to help rebuild Japan's spirit.

<p>Pangea Day</p>

Pangea Day

Pangea Day is the culmination of a worldwide initiative whose mission is peace through mutual understanding.

<p>150<sup><span class="text-lower">TH</span></sup> Anniversary</p>

150TH Anniversary

The 150th campaign served as a retrospective, aimed at showcasing Bacardi’s historic role in starting legendary parties; a toast to the brand’s past before we move forward and introduce its present and future.

<p>Another<br />
World<br />


Tumi were introducing a colorful range of bags designed for the traveler. Could the product be used to inspire a campaign and the traveller at the same time?

<p>Superior Supima</p>

Superior Supima

Changing the model: creating consumer awareness to drive retail demand.

<p>tune in and<br />
be moved</p>

tune in and
be moved

Making classical music relevant to a younger audience.



Clarins fragrance group were launching Womanity, the third Fragrance in their Thierry Mugler line, and they wanted to do it in a way unlike ever before.

<p>More Bang.<br />
Less Buck.</p>

More Bang.
Less Buck.

Demonstrating Daffy’s value in everything we do.

<p>Craft Your Character</p>

Craft Your Character

The search for stories as rich and deep as our crafted Belgium beer.

<p>Avenue n&deg;5</p>

Avenue n°5

CHANEL N°5 was named by Coco Chanel after her favorite number and launched on 5/5. How do you celebrate the anniversary of the classic fragrance and the imminent release of another iconic CHANEL N°5 film?



Ecomagination Challenge had a challenge of its own - getting the public to care.

<p><span style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px;">HOTEL CUP</span></p>


Could World Cup matches be predicted based on the quality of the teams' accommodations?